The Future of AI Investing: A 100+ Slide Report

This one is for the data nerds!

$50 billion.

That's the amount funneled by investors into AI startups in 2023. And while over 5000 AI companies received venture funding in 2023, nearly half of that capital went to just 11 companies.

So, what happened with AI investing in 2023? Where are AI startups getting funding? Is it going to grow in 2024? And what are the AI trends investors and founders should be watching in 2024?

I answered these questions — and many more — in a comprehensive 110+ slide presentation on the state of AI investing that I recently delivered to a room of 150 investors. In my AI investor trends keynote, I shared dozens of stats and graphs that tell the story of the modern AI investment landscape.

It’s chock-full of so much useful and relevant information on the AI market, AI valuations, the economic impact of AI, and key AI trends that I have decided to share the presentation with all of you. You can download all of the slides here!

Here's a sneak peek into some of the topics covered in my 110+ page deck:

  • The State of AI Dealmaking in 2023: Analysis, stats and graphs on the AI investment frenzy.

  • Who is Getting Funded in AI and Why: Unraveling the factors behind the major funding decisions.

  • AI’s Impact on Jobs: How AI may reshape the workforce.

  • The Impact of AI on the Global Economy: Will AI accelerate or decelerate global GDP growth?

  • Key AI Technologies and Trends to Watch: A few technologies and industries I’m watching in 2024.

  • Market Maps! Enough said.

  • Predictions for AI Investing in 2024: My forecasts for the upcoming year.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of this trove of AI insights and forecasts, click the button below to access the full presentation:

Hopefully, this deck will help you stay one step ahead in perhaps the fastest-changing market tech has ever experienced.

~ Ben

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First slide of the deck

Slide 110!